Kooyar Wongi’s first Cross-Cultural Awareness Training

Our very first Cross-Cultural Awareness Training workshop on 6 December 2018 was a blast! Thanks to the wonderful team at South West Community Legal Centre in Bunbury for the opportunity, and for engaging so actively in the training.

Kooyar Wongi's first Cross Cultural TrainingHere’s what the participants had to say:

– It was a wonderful day with amazing, well thought information. I was really able to add another layer of knowledge to what I already knew. It was wonderful to have Noongar specific information and to be able to relate this to clients we work help.
– Thank you for a very informative day.
– It was really informative. I found it very useful and I am very interested in learning more, especially about the local language groups, the local groups, cultural divisions for/in Indigenous countries, traditions, etc.
– Thanks for a great training session.
– Thank you both so much.
– Thank you for your time and I enjoyed going outside to break things up.
– Fantastic.

We look forward to releasing our 2019 workshop program, so stay tuned here and on the socials!