This suite of services is all about childhood education, including incursions and excursions to teach our ‘tadpoles’ (called kubalang in Ballardong Country and pinjaar in Whadjuk Country) about Noongar culture and the South West environment.

This is an important part of our commitment to continue to develop our young Noongar and non-Indigenous kids and to instil fundamental values at an early age of the importance of environmental protection and respect for cultural diversity.

We want to be part of continuing to develop a deep pride in our shared Aboriginal culture and heritage in our children, as this is the only way we can facilitate real and long term social change.  

We undertake:

• Incursions and excursions to school students of all ages, including “Connecting with Culture through Art” workshops and initiatives
• Private educational excursions  
• Motivational presentations and mentoring for all ages, from early high school through to TAFE and university students

Want to see what our cultural education excursions look like? Check out “Tool Making 101” and “Tanning Hides” on our

YouTube Channel.