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“Kooyar Wongi can help employers and employees to acquire the necessary skills to ease and overcome challenges rooted in cultural differences”.

A lack of cultural sensitivity can result in a number of challenges when dealing with other cultures. These may include miscommunication, misinterpretation and perceived misbehaviour in working settings which can lead to breakdowns in negotiations or business relations and poor service delivery.

Hear first hand from the Kooyar Wongi team about what this looks like on a day-to-day basis and how you can address it, as we chat with Elsa Mitchell on her Bossy Bitch Podcast (a great listen, if you haven’t signed up already!) about breaking down cultural barriers.



The demand for cross-cultural awareness training has increased dramatically over recent years. In particular, Government Agencies and non-government organisations that provide services to Aboriginal communities, and/or implement policies that impact on Aboriginal people have all indicated a specific need for this training.

Kooyar Wongi plays an important role in responding to this demand as we specialise in the planning, design and delivery of tailored cross-cultural awareness training packages. We have significant combined expertise in the customisation of cross-cultural awareness training delivery to be of maximum value to our clients, both in the workshop and in-field settings.

Plus, our combined background and experience means we have a huge network that we can plug you in to in terms of cultural awareness and heritage management, environmental management and community engagement, so that we can get the job done right!

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