Sacred Place

Planning and development decisions can unwittingly affect the values of Aboriginal heritage places. Sometimes this is because those making the decisions perceive Aboriginal heritage issues as complex and find them difficult to discuss with Aboriginal communities.

“Kooyar Wongi can assist you in developing that Professional Cultural Heritage Management plan and guide your organisation through the Aboriginal protocols of consultation.”

This is a highly specialised suite of services, focused on protecting and sharing Nyungar culture and heritage.

It centres around cultural heritage planning for protection and management, Aboriginal community consultation and facilitation of cultural heritage management outcomes as standard practice in other sectors, such as; environmental management, mining, development and construction.

We undertake:

• Heritage management planning, implementation, advice and assistance
• The facilitation of consultation and engagement on cultural heritage management matters
• Organisational cultural competency development, advice and assistance
• Cultural safety procedure and protocol development, advice and assistance
• Reconciliation Action Planning development and assistance