Corroboree Ground

“Kooyar Wongi can support organisations to better understand and respond to cultural diversity and thereby provide better and more inclusive services to the Aboriginal community”.

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Knowing about and putting the ideas of cultural competency into practice can seem like a daunting task. Cultural competence is a term that is used widely to describe the ways in which individuals and services work more effectively to support, promote and embrace cultural difference.

This suite of services is all about bringing people together to talk, learn and share.

This includes; cross-cultural awareness training, organisational cultural competency training, advice and assistance, cultural safety advice and assistance, Reconciliation Action Planning (RAP) development and assistance, event management and facilitation, engagement and communications strategy development, social media marketing advice and assistance, event organisation and delivery, workshop facilitation, team building, conflict resolution and grant writing.   

We undertake:

• Cross-cultural awareness training, including ‘Connecting with Culture through Art’ workshops
• Traditional ecological knowledge events, via ‘On Country Learning’
• Event organisation and delivery
• Workshop facilitation
• MC (Master of Ceremonies) services
• Team building
• HR and conflict resolution advice
• Social media marketing advice and assistance
• Engagement and/or communications strategy development
• Grant, tender and RFQ response writing