Boodja means land/country in Noongar language and the care for Boodja is central to Noongar culture, with the natural environment and culture intrinsically linked. It also relates to a sense of belonging and custodianship, as opposed to ownership.

When people plan and undertake land management without a sense of what boodja means, they inadvertently leave out a valuable source of knowledge and perspective that is integral to conserving and managing our special environments. Sometimes this is because they find it hard to integrate Aboriginal ecological knowledge in a meaningful and respectful way.

“Kooyar Wongi has a combined 30 years of experience in developing conservation and management plans for the environment. Our plans take in to account the cultural landscape and integrate Aboriginal ecological knowledge and values that will set your next plan apart from others.”

This suite of services is based upon land conservation and management to look after Boodja, including; rehabilitation plan development, environmental management plan development, grant, tender and quotation development for environmental services, site assessment and environmental monitoring.

We undertake:

• Environmental management plan development, advice and assistance
• Vegetation and landscape condition assessments
• Environmental monitoring
• Grant, tender and RFQ response writing