“Kooyar Wongi can assist you in developing that professional Cultural Heritage Management plan, Environmental Management Plan or Community Engagement Strategy to guide your organisation through the protocols of consultation.”

We know culture and heritage management, environmental management and community engagement backwards!

Planning and development decisions can unwittingly affect the values of Aboriginal heritage places, the natural environment, and community cohesion. Sometimes this is because those making the decisions perceive Aboriginal heritage issues as complex and find them difficult to discuss with Aboriginal communities, or because community consultation and engagement can require considerable lead time. We can work with you through these processes for positive and sustainable organisational and community outcomes.

We are 100% Aboriginal owned and operated and Supply Nation Certified!

Both the private and public sectors across WA and Australia have demonstrated a commitment in recent years to Aboriginal procurement and preferred supplier policy, so working with Kooyar Wongi means you are also meeting your obligations in terms of Closing the Gap in Indigenous disadvantage and acting on your organisation’s corporate social responsibility.

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Our key point of difference to other organisations working in the consulting space is our blending of cultural and environmental management, which embeds our entire approach to our work.

Our combined expertise and experience mean we know the procedures, protocols, legislative requirements and community engagement approaches that you will need in order to undertake your business effectively and efficiently.

We will ensure your organisation is skilled up so that you can undertake your business in a way that is socially, environmentally and culturally responsible, while not impacting on your business bottom line!